Iceland - The Land of Ice and Fire

First fact you need to know about me: I love traveling! In the end of April I got a new job and realised that once I'd start working, I probably wouldn't have time to travel in a while. And because of the new job, I knew that I could put my credit card in good use without any care :) Frantically I started looking for holidays somewhere warm but there wasn't any destination that would really make me feel excited. I realised that I wanted to have a holiday in a good company. I needed some quality time with a friend. It was a quick decision: a message to one of my best friends who lives in the land of fire and ice and I was on my way to Iceland!

We decided to have a 3-day road trip in the Southern parts of Iceland in her trusty old car. She made the reservations for accommodation in three different locations. I landed to Keflavik International Airport on Wednesday morning and took the bus to the centre of Reykjavik. After a cup of great coffee at Te & Kaffi (my favou…

After work needed

Friday was more than welcome because today was the day everyone waits like ice cream on a sunny day: pay day! The last day of the work week is always nice but getting your salary just gives an extra bonus that makes you smile. Unfortunately my day at the office wasn't all giggles but it was all good in the end. My colleague was nice enough to ask me for a drink after work but before that we decided to visit the Lauttasaari Manor which had open doors day.

The manor is renovated by the new owner, Kone Foundation and Kone intends to make it the new heart of art and science in Helsinki. We saw beautiful pieces of furniture and art, and there was a lot of people enjoying the atmosphere that mixes both old and new. There was also some performance artists with rugs doing all kinds of strange things that made us laugh. I thought that maybe the artists performing were actually not the art but the people who didn't really realise that the performance was taking place right before th…

Welcome to my blog!

Greetings, all the people of the earth! It's Melmston here! I have finally done it. This is my blog and you are warmly welcome to follow my journey wherever I will go. I have no idea what I'm doing but let's just ignore that, shall we? :)

Why did I decide to start a blog? Isn't there enough "influencers" online writing about their fancy lives? I guess I think that there's some interesting thoughts in my head and I would like to share them with the rest of the world. Instagram and Facebook are good channels for that but sometimes you just want to dig deeper.

This blog will share my experiences and thoughts. In no shape or form are you obligated to follow me or read my posts. If you don't like me, just ignore the fact that this blog even exists. I didn't even put so much effort into the layout, just wanted to finally do this! Maybe later I will make some adjustments and develop my blog visually as well.

The themes I will write about...? I have so m…