Post-holiday feels

My relatively short summer holiday is over and it is definitely not easy to let all the summer-related stuff go. My vacation was not long this year because I started in a new job in May but it was full of action plus an added bonus: hot weather! This has been the hottest summer in years and it has been both driving the Finnish people crazy and putting a smile (and a tan) on our faces. At least I have cool photos to remember it all :) These pics will be my safety net when the long and dark winter comes to visit again.
I started my holiday with a trip to Joensuu, my old home town. I lived there almost 20 years more or less. I wanted to spend some time with friends and family because it had been a year since my last visit. 3 days of swimming in the lake and the river plus chilling in the sun with all the lovely people was a perfect way to start my holidays.

After spending some time in beautiful North Karelia it was time to take the train back to Helsinki and pack my bags again. I booke…

Summer, nature, sunset and mosquitos

The summer in Finland has been incredible and I've been busy doing everything else than sitting in front of my computer. Summery Helsinki has been showing me all of its best features and though the weather has been very hot, this is the summer everyone dreams about in the cold winter nights. So let's just enjoy it and keep the drinks cold!
Last night I decided to go for a little summer evening adventure. I've started to feel more and more at home in Helsinki this year and have found little spots that I like to go to again and again. Vanhakaupunki is one of those places that are close to my home and Lammassaari is right next to it. A beautiful open space wetlands that is a paradise for bird watchers. There is a causeway that makes walking through the area very easy. In the evening there wasn't that many people around and I could just enjoy the setting sun with a cool summer breeze (and lots of mosquitos). Helsinki is a buzzing city but just few kilometers from the cent…

Beautiful scents, sounds and soulfulness

I was delighted to receive an invitation to an event that the title described as "Evening of feelings and scents" (Tunteiden ja tuoksujen ilta). The event took place in two different locations (one of them being Sofia Future Farm that opens in August this year) and was hosted by the beautiful Mariela Sarkima who is a well-known makeup artist and beauty guru in Finland. She has also graduated as a Kundalini yoga instructor last year and is interested in well-being of women as a whole.
When we entered the beautiful space, we saw yoga mats, blankets and singing bowls. Mariela told us a little bit about her experiences that has lead her to the things she is doing today. This summer she will create an 8-piece series for Me Naiset -magazine about well-being of women. Her website has just been published but she is not yet sure what the content will be like. Ideas and suggestions are welcome! What truly touched my heart was her longing for solidarity between women. I …

Berry breakfast of champ...just regular people :)

Do you eat breakfast? I have oatmeal porridge every single morning and though I love it, sometimes I feel like having a change. How about raw porridge? I have found a perfect recipe that's both super-healthy and delicious. Here's a tip for everyone who wants to start the day with healthy, energy-packed yumminess. This is my go-to breakfast when I don't want to have warm oatmeal. Perfect summerfood!

This is my basic recipe: 1 dl of oatmeal (you can also add different types of brans)1 dl of soy yougurt (why don't you give oat youghurt a go?)1 dl blueberry soup (rasberry and strawberry are good too)any berries, fresh or fozen (I have used blueberries, blackcurrant, lingonberries etc.)any nuts or seed (I use sunflower seeds, almonds and pumpkin seeds You can also add peanut butter, banana, mango purée, apple sauce or even licorice powder if you wish. Mix and match! Find your perfect combination :) Mix it all together and throw the container into your fridge. Next morning y…

Iceland - The Land of Ice and Fire

First fact you need to know about me: I love traveling! In the end of April I got a new job and realised that once I'd start working, I probably wouldn't have time to travel in a while. And because of the new job, I knew that I could put my credit card in good use without any care :) Frantically I started looking for holidays somewhere warm but there wasn't any destination that would really make me feel excited. I realised that I wanted to have a holiday in a good company. I needed some quality time with a friend. It was a quick decision: a message to one of my best friends who lives in the land of fire and ice and I was on my way to Iceland!

We decided to have a 3-day road trip in the Southern parts of Iceland in her trusty old car. She made the reservations for accommodation in three different locations. I landed to Keflavik International Airport on Wednesday morning and took the bus to the centre of Reykjavik. After a cup of great coffee at Te & Kaffi (my favou…